In the Land of the Big Red Apple

By Roger Lea MacBride

Illustrated by David Gilleece

The Rocky Ridge Years (later The Rose Years)

New York: HarperTrophy, 1995

Preceding volume: Little Farm in the Ozarks (1994)

Next volume: On the Other Side of the Hill (1995)


Original 1995 edition

A new little farm for Rose!

Rose is turning nine years old, and it’s an exciting time on Rocky Ridge Farm. The Wilders have settled into their new home in the Ozarks, and Rose is helping as all their Mansfield neighbors bring in the harvest. The year is filled with danger, excitement, and joy, as Rose battles an ice storm, starts her second year as the top student in her class, helps to build the family’s new farmhouse, and celebrates her first real Ozarks Christmas. Rocky Ridge Farm has truly become home now.

In the Land of the Big Red Apple continues the story that Laura Ingalls Wilder told of her own childhood, a story that has charmed generations of readers.


Are We Poor? (1–16)

Sorghum Time (17–29)

Baldknobbers (30–46)

Sparking (47–63)

Last of the Harvest (64–76)

Thanksgiving (77–85)

Treasure Hunt (86–98)

Back to School (99–111)

Birthday (112–22)

Stubborn Spookendyke (123–38)

Ice Storm (139–49)

Branch by Branch (150–62)

The Wandering Jew (163–77)

Is There a Santa? (178–88)

Ozarks Christmas Eve (189–97)

A Wonderful Gift (198–211)

A Terrible Lie (212–24)

New House (225–34)

Chasing Thistledown (235–46)

Rose’s New Room (247–61)

Milk and Honey (262–75)

The Bee Tree (276–91)

Sprout-Cutting Time (292–304)

Fourth of July (305–25)

The Wedding (326–38)