Little Farm in the Ozarks

By Roger Lea MacBride

Illustrated by David Gilleece

The Rocky Ridge Years (later The Rose Years)

New York: HarperTrophy, 1994 (abridged edition, without illustrations, 2008)

Preceding volume: Little House on Rocky Ridge (1993)

Next volume: In the Land of the Big Red Apple (1995)


Original 1994 edition

A place for new beginnings…

Going fishing for the first time, starting in a new school, saving the farmhouse from a fire—these are the elements of young Rose Wilder’s first year at Rocky Ridge Farm. She has moved there with her parents, Laura and Almanzo, to begin a new life in the Missouri Ozarks. Rose feels out of place as the new girl in her class but gradually gains confidence, and Rocky Ridge becomes truly her home.

Little Farm in the Ozarks continues the story that Laura Ingalls Wilder told of her own childhood, a story that has charmed generations of readers.


Thief! (1-13)

Peeping Frogs (14-20)

Tree-Topping (21-32)

Abe’s Wolf Story (33-40)

Fresh Greens (41-55)

Market Day (56-69)

Fighting Mules (70-89)

The New Room (90-101)

Chickens (102-110)

Going Fishing (111-128)

The Flood (129-142)

Baby Birds (143-154)

Visiting Alva (155-167)

Off to School (168-174)

New Girl (175-190)

Afternoon Lessons (191-205)

In Trouble (206-222)

Summer (223-234)

Picnic (235-247)

Jungle of Green (248-255)

Spelldown (256-270)

Harvest Moon (271-286)